Outdoor Structures: Should You Replace Your Old Timber Deck?

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Timber decks are valuable outdoor structures in the home. They provide space for relaxation and entertaining guests, and they might add value to the residential property. However, if you have an old timber deck, you could experience losses instead of these benefits. In simple terms, the damaged structure will pose safety risks; people might sustain serious injuries. Also, the structure will not be usable or attractive. So, it will compromise your home's value. If you are not sure whether you should replace your deck, you should consider using these simple inspection and evaluation guidelines.

Check the Deck Flooring 

You should check the surface of the deck for damage during the inspection process. In some cases, the timber boards which are used to build the flooring sustain damage due to exposure to adverse conditions such as high moisture or ultraviolet radiation. The deterioration is particularly prominent if the wood used was poor quality or untreated. Affected wood will show signs of rotting, warping and cracking. You should check the scope of damage before making a decision. If only a few boards are degraded, you might be able to restore the structure cheaply. Otherwise, complete replacement with new timber decking will be necessary.

Inspect the Supporting Posts

If the supporting posts are damaged, you might have to rebuild the deck, even if the flooring is in excellent condition. The most common cause of damage in these features is direct contact with the soil. Simply speaking, if the timber posts were inserted directly into the earth, there would be deterioration. The ground holds water. So, the wooden posts could be rotting because of the constant exposure to moisture. Also, subterranean termites are attracted by timber-earth contact. These voracious pests might have consumed your decking posts. If these features are in poor condition, you should dismantle the structure and rebuild. 

Assess the Decking Fasteners

Finally, you should check the condition of the fasteners used in the construction of the timber deck. While these components are not large or expensive, they will determine the integrity of the entire structure. Corroded and missing nails and screws cause the structure to weaken. Over time, the entire decking might collapse. If the fasteners are poorly installed or damaged, you can remove and replace. However, rebuilding will ensure better and longer lasting results. 

If your decking is in poor condition, you should think about installing a new structure. For the best results, you should choose high-quality timber deck products and hire an experienced contractor for installation.