Three Types Of Flooring That Can And Should Be Polished

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Floor polishing is something that is traditionally thought of in relation to wooden floors, and while that is definitely the most common form of floor polishing, it is far from the only material that can be polished. In fact, there are many different types, with almost all hard surfaces having the ability to get polished in one way or another. If you love the look of polished wooden floors and want to transfer it to your material, then you might just be in luck. Here are three types of flooring that can be polished to a similar standard as wooden flooring.


Stone is a bit more delicate than others on this list or wood itself. It has a tendency to break open when sanded too roughly, so floor polishing should be done with extreme caution. However, when it is done right and by trusted professionals, the results can be truly breathtaking. Stone looks exceptionally beautiful when polished, and gives you a more natural feeling, almost as if these are stones just plucked out from a river, still glistening wet. Polished stone floors elevate any room they are put in and look extremely elegant, so if that matches your decor, then you should consider it.


Polished concrete is becoming more and more well known as people transform mostly industrial or utilitarian areas of their home or business into places more suitable for recreational use. If you have a basement you don't like spending time in or your garage is very ugly and cold, then floor polishing could help change that and make it a far more interesting and attractive space. All you need to do is to sand down the surface with varying levels of grit and use a specific type of coating, and your concrete floor will look like a whole new material!


While this may seem like cheating, as parquet flooring is, indeed, wood, there are a few reasons why it should still be on this list. Firstly, without floor polishing, parquet flooring loses a lot of its beauty, and it really should come as standard for this design. Normal timber floors can look good without being polished, but parquet's patterns and intricacy really do need to be highlighted with polishing, or else it will look very old and outdated, as if your home was thirty years old before you even finished construction. Parquet floor polishing is relatively simple but should still always be done by professionals!