Mosaic Tiles – What Material Would Suit Your Floors?

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Ceramic tile flooring may be appealing when freshly installed, but this material does have a proclivity of becoming bland over time. From yellowing of the tiles to cracks on the surface, you may be looking for new materials to revamp your floors and inject new lie into your space. One option that is steadily being considered a hot trend is mosaic tiles. These types of tiles offer homeowners limitless design options to choose from, which guarantees that a majority of people would be satisfied with this material as their flooring selection. However, you need to know what is available so you can discern what would be suited to your preference. So what types of mosaic tiles would be suitable for your specific floors?

Stone mosaic tile flooring

Mosaic tiles are typically associated with colourful palettes that elevate the visual appeal of a room. However, this is not the only characteristic of mosaic tiles. If you would like a muted colour palette an instead would prefer to focus on the tactility of your flooring, stone mosaic tiles would be a great choice. These stones can be arranged in an assortment of designs ranging from flowery patterns to geometric shapes, which makes the flooring more elaborate. Moreover, you can choose to have different types of natural stones used to create your mosaic tiling.

Glass mosaic tile flooring

Homeowners looking for flooring materials that would provide them with more than just aesthetic appeal should consider glass mosaic tiles. This type of flooring is known to increase the luminosity in a room, which makes them perfect for rooms that may be receiving limited illumination. Secondly, types of mosaic glass materials such as mirrored tile will also create an illusion of increased space in the room they are installed in. Lastly, glass mosaic tile flooring is simple to keep pristine, as it is not vulnerable to staining, mildew and more.

Etched mosaic tile flooring

People that would want a unique type of flooring that is sure to make heads turn will find the etched stone alternative a great option when contemplating mosaic tile. Nonetheless, although this type of flooring is classified as mosaic tile, it does not comprise aggregate stone materials. Instead, the surfaces of stone slabs are sculptured to create the mosaic effect. The result is a luxurious type of flooring that exudes elegance and prestige. Take note that this type of mosaic tile flooring would also be quite expensive due to the laborious effort required to create it.