Ways to Make Your Hardwood Flooring Installation Last Longer

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When you add hardwood floors to your home, you can look forward to excellent aesthetic appeal that suits just about any theme. But, with all of those scrapes from furniture, bangs, and foot traffic, your hardwood floor installation may degenerate over time. To ensure yours lasts longer here's some simple advice for you to follow.

Protect your floor against foot traffic

Although you don't want your family to exercise caution to the extent they cannot enjoy their home, you do need to ensure they don't take the floor for granted. First of all, place a blanket ban on high heels. While they look fantastic, they also create dents you'll struggle to remove. Second, make sure you strategically place rugs in areas that experience lots of foot traffic. In doing so, you'll lessen the impact on the floor beneath, providing it with longevity. 

Put your cleaning plan into practice

Do you regularly clean your hardwood floors? If not, now's the time to start. From the moment you place a new flooring installation, it's open to corrosive substances. Over time, spillages mount up, leading to faded areas. Like foot traffic spillages are more likely to occur in certain areas, so pay close attention to them. Clean your floor regularly with warm water and a little washing up liquid. Additionally, you should tackle spillages as they arise.

Make sure your furniture doesn't impact your hardwood flooring installation

Heavy furniture often looks fantastic and plays a crucial role in making your home comfortable. When you add in a new item or choose to move pieces around, you risk denting and scraping your floor. To ensure your new installation lasts longer, you can:

If a scratch does occur while moving furniture, choose to sand it and restore it using an appropriate varnish sooner rather than later.

Fortunately, newer hardwood flooring requires less attention than older installations. As technology progresses manufacturers are creating materials that can withstand everyday family activity, so you don't have to replace your floors as quickly. Generally, you will need to refinish your flooring installation every eight to 12 years, but if you don't feel confident about the process, it's worth asking a professional to do the work instead. Collectively, following each hardwood care tip will allow you to enjoy your new flooring for longer

For more information, contact your local hardwood flooring installation service.